Women's Ministries

Women's Minstries is dedicated to reaching out to all women in order to build them up through support and love. When women are whole and happy, families and communities are impacted and strengthened. We seek to address all aspects of growth including, physical, mental, and spiritual--through programs, Bible Study groups, and outreach events.  If you are interested in Women's Ministries, please call the Livingston Seventh-day Adventist Church at 517-546-5200 or email kaseygmc@gmail.com.

We will be adding events soon, please check back for more information!

Journey of Joy Bible Studies with Carla Gober. Bi-Weekly study beginning on Sunday, October 16th at 7:30 pm.  Please email kaseygmc@gmail.com if you need directions or have any questions.  This is wonderful study and we welcome you to join in!

Here are a few other resources you might be interested in checking out:

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